3 phenomenal women are about to become Superhero's in the upcoming comic book & animated cartoon.

I've been announcing for awhile now that cartoon animation & Creator Terry Reece of REECE ENTERPRISES. Has created a comic book that in the near future will be released & he is also working on a animated cartoon series for TV. In which Charles Hardy of Sonny Bivins Manhattans, Darryl Master D Coleman of T.U.R.N Radio Chicago & Terry Reece all will be Superhero's in as you can see our characters here. Well it just got better. Book author Mae Greene, head of The National Congress of Black Women Dr E. Faye Williams also head of The Dick Gregory foundation & Sylvia Dunnavant Hines head of a Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation is Dallas. All personal friends of mines have all been recruited as their own characters in the same cartoon series as Superhero's also. So congrats to all 3 ladies. On my fb page you can also see Terry Reece character & all the Superhero's & Villains characters now by scroll my page. Thanks Terry Reece for a job well done. I also interview most of the characters on T.U.R.N Radio here randomly turnradio.net just tap the picture to view the full shot here

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