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What do you do with a man that wants for or needs for nothing. That has his own everything. Businesses, Properties, Promotes concerts, Events & more. Never been married, engaged or committed to anything but working. Very successful but keeps to himself unless he's out working. Doesn't date or do relationships but loves making new friends. What do you make of someone like me your opinions please I'm interested in hearing just what you guys think of Master D me. I got a thick skin i can take it good or bad. I'm the hardest working man you'll ever meet. I'm all work all the time never time to play. I'm a true workaholic I'm financially set for life. Hard work does pay off. But you can always join me & my Crew of T.U.R.N Radio Chicago free Worldwide 24/7 here turnradio.net I've never learned to depend on; lean on or allow myself to need for anyone or thing. I was raised if you can't earn it get it on your own you don't need or deserve it. So I've never taking hand outs or anyone's help. I built everything from my own funds no loans, grants or anything. I used the money from the many jobs I worked to set all this up. That rakes a special dedication & staying focused. Nothing has been given to me I built this from lol my own sweat long hrs & days for years. I did everything on my own I did it my way. I never asked anyone for any help I'm much to proud for that. I don't stop working for anyone or reason

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