All artist in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio. With 2022 coming update your info interviews click here

All artist T.U.R.N Radio promotes update your on air interviews about upcoming performances & more so our listeners can support you & follow you. Call into the number you always call to set your updated interviews & info on the station up. & remember to call in for any added performances you want to promote here. Remember we're Worldwide 24/7 so no matter what cites you hit w we're picked up there. Our goal here is especially with the pandemic helping as many people whereever you might be or whatever your doing be known. So we can assist in you being kept up with during these trying times for entertainers. With everything opening, closing & reopening. We know its crazy lately. So let us help you stay relevant & keep what your doing on listeners minds..if we're promoting you you already have the call in #. Let's make sure listeners Worldwide can keep up with what some of their favorite artist are doing & upto. This is for all mainstream artist & the upcoming artist in rotations on T.U.R.N Radio only

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