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I gotta say it. Artist keep contacting us & getting upset because T.U.R.N Radio doesn't promote artist free. Let me make this clear this us a business. We help as many artist as we can get worldwide exposure. But understand this we make funds doing advertising also so with that said. We run business ads that's how we help keep in business. So for artist wanting airplay here yes we charge a fee to promote you. We can not turn down incoming revenue running paid ads to promote your music free using the paid time slots for ads to promote you. Turning down incoming funds for no finds to help free just isn't good business. We make our fees close to free as possible. Artist we believe in enough to promote pay like $2.60 a day for worldwide exposure. That's if we just spin you once a day. There's no artist we promote that we spin only 1 time a day. & now our DJs are about to start play our artist music days & nights from several cities on our shows. Which means our artist in rotations are about to soon get crazy exposure thru us. So to artist that say I don't pay to play my music I just say good luck I hope that's working out for you. Because if you act worldwide exposure & not getting any. If your not willing to spend $2.60 day to get your music heard worldwide i personally don't think your serious about your career or talents. & we have met artist that have offered to pay us to promote them we've turned down so this isn't about money. Our priority is our ratings for our listeners any artist we think won't do well here we we won't pick up or promote offer to pay us or not. So artist know this before you reachout to us were not thirsty for funds & only take on artist we really believe in. So don't get mad if we don't pick you up & if your on i don't pay well hows that working out for you. I can't sit in restaurant say I'm hungry but want to eat but for free. Now for serious inquiries of how we can be of help hitbus not on fb but here only either by email or using our chatroom. Aw cNt turn down incoming funds to work for artist free & promoting you guys is work we're not doing

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