As of July

To all Artist in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio. This is New. As of July when it was if we accepted your music i would agree to play your music on my shows from time to time. Well i had a meeting with our crew & together we decided & agreed to as of July. All artist in our rotations all the DJs on their shows day or night will have to play each artist wee promote primetime or not at their option when but they will have to play each song a min # we agreed to keep in house up to how often that dj wants to play your songs. So if we're promoting you as a artist all the DJs soon will play your songs how much depends on how much the DJs like them. Your music will go into a T.U.R.N Radio DJ music pool that is only for our crew. So if your in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio your spins are about to go way up here the exception being Jazz that all will go to Donald Brumfield for the jazz artist that we have or come in as of then & also any other DJ that wants to platy them. So our artist now will get way more exposure locally & globally now

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