As we are getting closer to our Concert Tour.

As i stated in a earlier post 3 of these DJs will get the chance to get picked to go on our Concert tour with T.U.R.N Radio for our upcoming (Old School Throwback Block Party Tour) so for our listeners & supporters we're gonna let you have some input in who they are. You can vote here in the comments which 3 you like you think you would enjoy hearing perform before & during breaks on the shows. Here's the options please pick 3 in the below comments. help us decide which DJs would help the shows become even better. The choices are DJs Keyuni Virginia, Roy DJFrost Hardy Chicago, Ced Da DJ ATL, Mr G Harvey or DJ Jeff DC. I will also be the 4th DJ we would appreciate your feedback vote for the 3 you like here please between here & next summer your comments will help decide who gets chosen because we appreciate your support we want the listeners to be apart of the process

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