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Now that all incoming artist & business wanting local & global exposures seeing we are Worldwide 24/7 now 14 years & counting. So the New Music submission to T.U.R.N Radio (must) be sent thru Skype that's the Only) place I will accept music submissions for T.U.R.N Radio. Let me make this clear I get seems like hundreds of artist weekly asking me to go to YouTube, spotify, Soundcloud & so many other apps & sites to check their music. 1st o won't have time to go to any of those sites searching out artist no harm or offense meant. But if I did that I'd never get anything here @ T.U.R.N Radio done..Fan Club President Irene Johnson was handling all incoming artist but health & other issues have made it become something else I pickup as of now. To submit your music you must use skype only. For businesses advertisement call 773-818-3966. Artist inquiring about being part of The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour) info is now on our website. T.U.R.N Radio (Listeners Wall of Fame) on our website. [] or join us Live Now Playing []

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