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Artist always ask about airplay on T.U.R.N Radio before trying to post your music which without T.U.R.N Radios approval will be immediately removed & deleted by admins. I always tell artist research us 1st here our website is 3 pages. 1st page about our Crew here. Page 2 is some of our favorite listeners & supporters. Page 3 is about the artist we promote on T.U.R.N Radio check that out 1st & find out if T.U.R.N Radio is where you want to be heard 1st. then contact us thru our email there for more details of what we can or can't do for you. that's how you start the conversation of airplay here. To listen to the station go here turnradiolive365 to go to our website go to to submit music we only accept music thru skype only here. We broadcast from Chicago, ATL, North Carolina, Harvey, D.C, Virginia & more but are heard almost everywhere locally, nationally & a lot of places globally 24/7 & free. Now broadcasting 15 years

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