Coming soon in 2022

Everyone keeps hearing us speak about our upcoming concert tour & series of shows that are planned to go on the road starting in 2022 & planned as a annual yearly event from that point if all goes well. Get more info or contact the promoters thru T.U.R.N Radio Chicago presented by Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy, REECE ENTERPRISES Terry Reece & Darryl Master D Coleman of T.U.R.N Radio. Heres just a few of the entertainers we might consider inviting to be involved so don't be surprised who joins us on Tour. Also we will be given consideration to artist in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio to open artist who's music is doing really well. Some Comedians will also be considered to Host or Co host some of the planned dates that I keep in touch with ijs. So pay attention to the station, interviews & our website as more info & details are released as we move forward. Pay attention for info on (The Old School Throwback Block Party Concert Tour) Where we are or or turnradiolive365 The TurnUp Crew of T.U.R.N Radio. Companies interested in being sponsors contact us thru T.U.R.N Radio's website email us from there. This tour is also planning to help in our communities by making donations to causes like charities, schools & children in need, homelessness etc

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