Coming soon Live 24/7 & Worldwide free

T.U.R.N Radio is now doing Live shows 9 am to 5 am cst Mondays-Sundays. We were Live Weds-Sundays 9 am to 2 am cst. We currently have a few New DJs auditioning or about to. We're Live 20 hours 7 days a week. But wait it's about to get even better soon we will be doing soonshows here 24/7. & our DJs will be

playing randomly day & night a lotnof the artist we're promoting so your music can on occasion be heard in primetime soon as well as anytime day or night. With the new DJs additions soon no matter what time you tune in soon someone will be on Live by Sept we will be Live 24/7 to better entertain you. & artist this means more airplay not less for you artist & your music that our DJs like & want to promote. Our DJs are from several cities

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