Coming to T.U.R.N Radio in Nov

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As we move forward getting ready for (The Old School Throwback Block Party Concert Tour) in the coming weeks here's 2 artist interviews & Special that will air on T.U.R.N Radio in Nov keep your ears on for these artist. Marzette Griffith was the 1st Artist that i ever did a full length Special on including new music & a very detailed interview on. That show went so well i continued that format with many artist we promote now that has music doing really well with our listeners. It went so well he's agreed to come back a 2nd time around the Holiday for a encore Special. Also we have another Artist Cornelius M.D who reminds you a lot of the late great Barry White this your man has like 6 songs originals that are now in rotation doing very well. so we have agreed to do his Special Nov 4th 8 pm Cst introducing him personally to our listeners so keep your ears on & share this info. Marzette Griffith also has more new music i hear coming soon catch both here & both are being considered for our upcoming Concert Tour.

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