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For artist in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio. If your in our rotation & your music is doing well are you aware there's a possibility you might get invited to go on our up coming ( Old School Throwback Block Party Concert Tour) series 9n 2022. Also our tour is being presented to make donations to such charities as Breaat Cancer Awareness, Homelessness, Public Schools & more in the cities we perform in. We will have a zoom conference call once a month only for the artist we promote on T.U.R.N Radio because all artist who's music is doing well in our rotations will be considered as opening acts for the mainstream artist we're taking on tour. Also Comedians will be considered to open as co host. If your in our rotations & want more details you need a Skype account which is free & a Webcam to join us the last Tuesday of each month 7pm cst. Send me your Skype name you go by & I'll invite you to the conference calls with me & my partners Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy, REECE ENTERPRISES Terry Reece & Darryl Master D Coleman of T.U.R.N Radio turnradio.net also you can reach directly here

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