Do i or not

Hello let's play a game called. Do I or don't I tell em. Here's how it goes. If a artist submits music i think honesty even if they don't want to hear it is the best policy. So when a artist that submits really bad music. Do I tell em or not to try a new career. Do I tell em to or not this industry just isn't for you. Do I tell or not your music isn't as good as you think. Do I tell them or not to be careful because some stations will take money from you knowing your music will do poorly. Do i or not tell em people are pushing you telling your good know the music sounds like trash. Do I tell them or not clean up your music some artist get offended but seem to think the more they curse or degrade women the better the song will be. Do i tell or not the content of their product us wacky. Do I tell em or not their never gonna make it in this industry. By telling them truly which some in my position seem to not do because they want to take advantage of hopeful artist & take their money & hopes & mislead them or do i be honest with them tell them this ain't for you possibly killing their dream but saving them from being taken advantage of from others in my position & burned by those pretending to want to help them or care. Sometimes what uou need to hear & want to hear are 2 different things. Do I or not help artist in the long run by being honest no matter what or let people keep their hopes up wasting what will end up being massive time on something that just not gonna work for them. Some people get mad & angry. Some people can't handle the truth. Because it's just not what they want to hear but that won't change their outcome. So 8 think artist when you submit your music want & accept a honest opinion it might save you massive time & money that can be much better spent ijs. So do I or not lets play. I'll just say this a lot of artist I hear needs to put a lot more work in or give it up ijs if everybody could be recording artist we wouldn't need music it's called talent for a reason people

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