Farewell to a King

Ok i am about to retire. My event Oct 9th a wedding reception will be the very last public event i DJ for. It's been a hell of a run over 40 years of performing. Now it's time to pass the torch let the younger guys get the exposure they need. You will still be able to hear me on the air weekly but that will be my last public appearance performing. I am doing a graduation celebration tomorrow at the Hunters house in my Old Hood. For those who knows who they are then you know where i'll be. But after Oct 9th i am hanging it up publicly doing events. I am booked like crazy this summer so i am going out with a bang. & for those you have followed us the 15 years that have made 1 of my sets thanks for the luv & support. I am working pushing it way to hard yeah i go hard but it time i start thinking about enjoying some me time. So to all who have followed me over the years. From my days as the DJ of The Disco 95, Coperbox 1 & 2, Chi-Rick House, Ronnys AM Factory, Gazebo, Illusion 1 & 2, Tigers Lounge, HummingBird, The Taste, Horizon West, Bobs Place, Glass House, Mr Gs i think you get it there are many more i could do this all day. To 1 of my mentors The Legendary Herb Kent RIH for helping me get to where i am & his daughter Robin. To my brothers in Heaven Big Mike Jones & Jeffery Haltom without their support & pushing me there would be no Master D. To my Mom & Dad Jennette LadyJ Jackson & Jerry Coleman both of whom i hope i've made proud. & there are so many others to thank but i can't get everyone you see there was a whole village that helped make Master D possible. All the listeners & supporters over 40 plus years of doing what i do thanks without the love & support from you guys this would never have been possible. & Last but not least To our very 1st listener ever on T.U.R.N Radio Diana Hick & my girls from Macon Mo. Our Fan Club President Irene Johnson & my brother from another mother Leotis & Robbie Johnson there has never been a more supportive team love you guys. & Finally The 1 person that when all was going so bad i was going to quite long ago that wasn't having it matter of fact she ripped on my so bad i got it back together Lady D my soulmate for life Demetrice Willis without whom i wouldn't have made this last so long thanks luv. It's almost time for me to slow it down so if your reading this i love you too. & you will still catch me here turnradio.net only then. Now it's time to start working on my book my life story in early July

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