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Updated: Jan 31

The Us Network is coming soon. Providing great concerts, entertainer, interviews & so much more with our intent to raise funds for causes such as Breaat Cancer Awareness, Homelessness, Public Schools just to name a few to give you a idea what we're about. Giving back to the communities that support Us. Muzart World Foundation Pat Melfi, Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy, REECE ENTERPRISES Terry Reece, Celebrating Life Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation Sylvia Dunnavant Hines & T.U.R.N Radio Darryl Master D Coleman are now all partnered up to start our own Streaming Network. To present our ( Ols School Throwback Block Party Tour) a series of concerts from several cites. Also other special projects including T.U.R.N Radio events & DJs contact us not on fb but here we no longer us fb to operate business on for T.U.R.N Radio any direct interaction with the station you must send a email into us from there if you want to be considered for airplay, interviews or to promote your businesses, events etc any type of advertising contact us there to inquire. & with your support worldwide we will have a chance to help those in need & also give you great entertainment. We are 1 the Us Network is about us the people. Remember our fb page is just a info page that's all we don't do business there of any kind you want direct excess to us sign into our website as a member then you can reach us & every other member. Also all artist in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio with music that's doing well will be considered to perform on our upcoming concert tour

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