FYI my fb page always says I'm available on fb when I'm really not click here for more information

When it looks like I'm on fb I'm really not. This is why artist & businesses leaving me inbox messages ,& posting on my page without permission 1st don't get a response back. Because I'm really only on fb long enough to do Birthdays in the early mornings after that I'm done daily on fb. If your trying to really reach T.U.R.N Radio this is the only place you can directly interact with us. Only fb friends van even leave me inbox messages. So if you inbox me & get no response that means your messages aren't getting thru to me. You think I see what your trying to send me but I'm not able to receive thru fb anything with video's, music or pictures attached to them thru my inbox. This is the only place you. Can get a message directly to me or T.U.R.N Radio use our email here to get your messages into us. I keep telling people on fb in my inbox the only messages that get thru have to be like I'm doing now typed in 8n print so I can read it because nothing else thru fb in my inbox is getting thru to me. Sorry I have absolutely no control of this. Also to use this website you (Must) be a signed in member 1st

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