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Real talk. Now I know you heard me mention our upcoming series of concerts. ( The Old School Throwback Tour) Now let me tell you what it's really about. My partners from the Entertainment industry & I have noticed how bad things in our communities have gotten. & we know a lot of people are hurting. So we've put a partnership together to start a Concert Tour to go to different cities to help raise funds for charities we see in need. Like Breast Cancer Awareness, Homelessness & Public Schools. So for local schools we plan to find our what a school needs & make donations accordingly. So if you have a local cause or school you think needs to raise funds we might consider your cause for donations. We're being Old School mainstream artist. Here's an example of 1 of the shows we're considering. How would you like a lineup like this coming to raise funds in your city to help cause & charities there. So if your a promoter or venue owner in any city we might consider coming your way to perform & help. If your in Chicago & have a school or college that needs help raising funds. Mention the schools here & what you see as something that school needs & i I'll mention those schools I think are in need to be considered for donations when we perform in this area. To get more information text don't call 773-818-3966. Leave a text tell me about your cause or charity is & what is needed so I can during our conference calls mention you fir consideration of donations. So here's 1 lineup we're currently working on for Dallas Texas & Breast Cancer Awareness. How would you like a lineup like this fir example coming to raise funds for your causes

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