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Heads up. Artist that T.U.R.N Radio promotes that doea well. Will be given consideration to open for some of the shows on the upcoming planned annual Tour. I have Partnered with Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy Reece ENTERPRISES Terry Reece to team up with T.U.R.N Radio for a Tour to start May 2022 in Dallas Texas then to other cities. Due to Corona Virus you can see T.U.R.N Radios Website is in the works now. Artist promoted by T.U.R.N Radio (Only) that does well with our listeners I will refer to Charles Hardy to be considered to open on some of the Tour & because of the virus we're about to set up Zoom soon & add a Podcsst to T.U.R.N Radio because recently with the virus we've began considering once the Zoom & Podcast are set going virtual online doing concerts until it's safe to hit the ground with the Tour. So artist being played on T.U.R.N Radio ( Only) seeing we're a partner in the Tour which is called ( The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour) keep your ears on the station & interact thru the Website for details as we release more info as we go forward. Now that all incoming artist & business wanting local & global exposures seeing we are Worldwide 24/7 now 14 years & counting. So the New Music submission to T.U.R.N Radio (must) be sent thru Skype that's the Only) place I will accept music submissions for T.U.R.N Radio. Let me make this clear I get seems like hundreds of artist weekly asking me to go to YouTube, spotify, Soundcloud & so many other apps & sites to check their music. 1st i won't have time to go to any of those sites searching out artist no harm or offense meant. But if I did that I'd never get anything here @ T.U.R.N Radio done. Fan Club President Irene Johnson was handling all incoming artist but health & other issues have made it become something else i pickup as of now. To submit your music you must use skype only. For businesses advertisement call 773-818-3966. Artist inquiring about being part of The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour) info will soon be on our website. New hello Worldwide 24/7 from Chicago T.U.R.N Radio featuring DJs from several cities now playing here free. Ijs. Our new website join us on The Air the above to enjoy our music now from our website. Now playing on T.U.R.N Radio. Also coming May be 2021 The T.U.R.N Radio Hookup a Cash Trivia Contest but to win you ( Must) be a signed member of our New Website all Promotions & contest will be rin thru the website. Winners also must have a Zelle account to receive their winnings no exceptions this is how the payoffs will be made & winner picked you must answer thru the website via email to win contest.

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