Get Ready she's coming to T.U.R.N Radio soon

FYI now we know your aware that Recording Artist Linda Jeanne Najar with her New Releases (As We Lay, Soulmate & I Need Your Lovin) which all now are doing very well in our rotations. But i bet you didn't know she is also a DJ & is preparing to join the TurnUp Crew in the near future. Another reason to follow this talented woman. Hello everyone it's sat that means 8:30 Am to 1 Am Ct. A non stop Party Mix everytime Leo Lavender, Cedric Lee, Roy DjFrost Hardy & Darryl Master D Coleman are scheduled day & nite. Live Weds Thru Sundays 8:30 Am to 1 Am Ct. . Who wants this Smoke? T.U.R.N Radio Worldwide Free Live On The Air. T.U.R.N Radio the little station with the Big Sound. we're lit & burning it up lmbo. it's Your T.U.R.N around the World now playing Worldwide 24/7 free. Now wasn't just a few months ago a lady posted on my page i only bring in Black DJs & that i am a racist. That's funny considering i am mixes 1/3 Indian, 1/3 White & 1/3 Black. & no i am not bringing Linda on because she's lol White i hadn't noticed because her lmbo music skillz are Black. Lol i still think she's a sister just got lmao that Michael Jackson thing lol going on making her brighter but believe me this little lady has real Soul get ready world she's coming & to T.U.R.N Radio.

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