Get worldwide exposure for music & businesses

Artist worldwide. There are 2 ways to get airplay on T.U.R.N Radio which provide exposure Worldwide. You can reach out to our on air personalities directly. Just listen to our djs shows we all bring a different spice to the station musically. If you think a certain dj is playing music that your music will fit into reach out to the dj you think will like the genre of music you present. Ask Donald Brumfield, Cedric Lee, Damian DjJeff, Leo Lavender, Keyuni Jackson, Torrey James Sr., Roy DjFrost Hardy can they play your songs on their shows if they like your music you might hear it on their shows. The 2nd way is to get in T.U.R.N Radio regularly in rotation if the station likes your music enough you can break our regular rotations gur way more exposure for less than $3 a day on average & remember the exposure is worldwide to discuss that package contact T.U.R.N Radio using either our email or chatroom here only. Also for small businesses get local & global exposure for your products and services for our 1 time introductory offer pf less than $2,000 for 1 full year of advertising your business. This offer is only for your 1st year advertising with T.U.R.N Radio. Regular rates will apply for additional years of promotions. We're based out of Chicago now going on 16 years

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