Giving away cash soon & you can't win using fb. Click here to have a chance to win it starts soon

Trivia Questions for cash again will start this Summer. But once it starts it doesn't matter where you live you can win. The rules are 1. you must be able to accept a Zelle payment not cashapp or pay pal. 2 you must be a website signed in member to answer the question because only members the website will accept responses thru. 3 this site (Only) not fb, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other sites can you get your answers in. Date this starts tba on T.U.R.N Radio so keep tuned in. We're not planning on making anyone rich. The goal is to firbour listeners support help maybe pay a bill or feed your family a few days understanding so many people are hurting these days share this info with friends so everyone knows here's the only place to Win. Also other promotions like winning tickets to coming concerts the same thing will apply is.the only place you can Win. Become a member before it's to late

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