How would you like to be remembered. Click this picture for my answer

It's been said to me you've had a very successful life. You've accomplished so much is so little time you have on this earth but D when the time comes your time will as everyone's will end. How would you like to be remembered. I had to sit back & really think on this. I have made a few people very rich. I have been a good son. A good father & grand father. A good grandson. Very successful during my life. I have worked like no other person i know. I as my mother once told me accomplished things in my life most people could ever imagine. I have met & worked with some of the worlds top entertainers. But none of these things great good as they are in the end are what i want to be remembered by or as. So here's my answer In the end what i want to be remembered most for is being a person who cared who tried to lift as many people as possible. A man who helped as many people as humanly possible. Now there will be those that will say he never did anything for me. But for those few they will absolutely be way out # ed by those i have helped. In the end of my days that's is the 1 thing i want people to retain about me. I always tried to lift my brothers & sisters up even those i barely knew. & i think i have done a decent job. But only time will tell. If you really know me & was right with me you'd already know i'd give the shirt off my back even to those i don't know at times. This is the legacy i'd like to leave behind would be my answer.

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