I Thought my career was over

Omg I can talk again. I been so hoarse this past 10 days i literally couldn't talk to anyone. It got so bad i wouldn't do my shows or anything because I sounded terrible. I was down to almost where this had me a few days from announcing my retirement due to I just couldn't adequately perform. I literrally said lady night if this goes on a few more days I'm announcing as a DJ it's over for me..omg & retire.this morning god must have heard my pain or knows how much it means to me to perform & entertain you guys I have put any type of personal life totally off the rest of my life for 1 purpose only. So 7 days 24 hrs a day you our listeners get me at my best all the time. I don't date, do relationships. Given up intimacy, left family alone. Lost so called friends & family. I've made so many personal sacrifices given up so many things. For 1 reason so girl our followers I never disappoint you. You always know when I'm on you wanna tune in because you never know what your gonna hear or miss. I was like withy voice gone you might as well take me out & friggin shoot me in the head OMG get this over with. Anything you can take but my voice lol please just shoot me in the head right now end my misery that's how much I love what I do & what this means to me. If I can't do this anymore I might as well be dead in my eyes I'd have nothing else to live for I've sacrificed everything to be successful here. Now it's being taken away. Omg just a few more days & Master D is retiring from Radio. Thank you lord you must have heard my anguish my pain. Because I just woke up to my voice restored thank Jesus. This & I am.the type that never gets sick or goes to drs. Never been in hospital never any surgeries nothing until this. This is the worse thing I've ever dealt with in my life. Even when I broke my leg a year or so ago I did go to a dr I fixed it myself doctored on it until I'm walking again now on it. But praise his glory because this morning about 3 days from announcing i have to quit this morning I woke up to my voice restored he is a good merciful god..because if I can't entertain anymore to me life would Preet much be over. This & my grand kids is all I live for. Take either & there's a major problem. Again thank you lord literally

for the words coming out my mouth today I can talk again.

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