It's coming back soon

Remember in 2019 before the pandemic hit. We had for the Chicagoland area ladies or listeners that we're in Chicago visiting at the right time. We did the Fan Appreciation Dinners . Where each month we picked 1 of our female listeners to treat to a all expense dinner at a very nice restaurant across Chicago to also patronize some of our local best restaurants. Well I plan to pick 1 of our female followers again starting in a few months this will run thru the winter into 2022 if you email me from & tell me something as a listener you know about T.U.R.N Radio you will qualify. Now who wants to have Dinner & good conversation over a all expense paid dinner with me soon. But you (Must be) a Website signed in member ladies to qualify. Here's some of our previous winners i think they all had a great time on T.U.R.N Radio Chicago

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