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As you may know by now T.U.R.N Radio is partners with 5 other companies to firm the New Upcoming Us Network for streaming which we're preparing to launch in the near future. We also are working on a concert tour a series of shows in several cities to help raise funds for needy cause in the cities we go to such as Breaat Cancer Awareness, Homelessness, Public Schools and more thru our upcoming ( Old School Throwback Block Party Tour). Now as the spokes person of the New Partnership. I have an idea I'd like your feedback on. Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy is a partner he informed me that The Manhattans Anniversary is in Aug (hum) T.U.R.N Radio's Anniversary is Aug. So we are talking as of Aug 2023 to Celebrate both

Anniversaries together in Chicago with a Anniversary Cookout yearly starting next year. With possible shows. So here's my idea why don't we start our own local Music Festival featuring local Artists in like a audition performance. & since we're doing concerts each year we do this the event can be a chance for local artists to either open for the tour or perform with us on tour. Chicago has so much untapped talent. We're also talking a Manhattans & T.U.R.N Radio after party featuring Sonny Bivins Manhattans & other mainstream performances at a venue here. It's something we just started talking about doing yearly. To do this of course lol I'd have to work even more & harder to put together by working with vendors, sponsors, local businesses leaders & more but guess what to help needed causes in Chicago not only does my city need this such causes it deserves it. So this Summer we'll test the water with 2 Cookouts June 4th for Gemini's which I am 1 & Aug 28th for T.U.R.N Radio's Anniversary Dan Ryan Woods Grove 4. Which is posted on my with more info. Also read our blogs here to findout what we're really up to

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