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Hello every you can catch me Live every Weds-Sundays 8 pm Cst & yes we are 24/7 here. I'm also soon about to open the request lines so any songs we have in rotation soon you'll be able to request by calling in & oh yes very soon you'll be able to call in & be on the air with me anytime for your friends & family to hear you. I start taking real time calls Live soon Weds-Sundays. Also new you can use Skype on Fridays & Sats when I'm doing my Steppers & Party Mixes if your 1 of the 1st 20 people to message me (I Listen to T.U.R.N Radio & want a copy of the mix on right now) I'll send you your own personal copies. On Skype friend request Master D its just that easy. Remember It's your T.U.R.N around the World & free just share with your family & friends It's that easy to join us. Where Everywhere just go here for great music & more & don't forget. Our ( Old School Throwback Block Party Concert Tour) Featuring Sonny Bivins Manhattans & many many more Old School artist might be coming in 2022 to your cites. Presented by Sonny Bivins Manhattans, REECE ENTERPRISES & T.U.R.N Radio in partnership. All artist in T.U.R.N Radio's rotations that do well will be considered as opening performers on this Concert Tour just a heads up. So if your in our rotation & I report partners your doing really well in our rotations don't be surprised if at some point my partner that puts all the Entertainers on each show reaches out to ask if you'd like to go on Tour with us to open. I will also talk to a few Comedians about Co Hosting this Tour. Also once again to interact with us direct use our website we really don't use fb now anymore for radio station issues only to inform you what's on & when we're on. So on fb if you don't get our responses that's why we moved everything to Skype & our website only. To promote or get airplay contact us thru our website not fb anymore if you want a response. Also for upcoming events & promotions you can no longer win cash, prizes or tickets using fb you (Must) be a signed in member of our website to Win anything thru T.U.R.N Radio now. Fb now is only to inform you what's going on that's all now

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