Let me introduce myself to our members.

The TurnUp Crew of T.U.R.N Radio. I am a former DJ of Mr Ricky's, The Gazebo, Ronnys AM Factory, Coperbox 1 & 2, The Illusion 1 & 2,, Horizon West, Chi-Rick House, Hummingbird, Tiger lounge, The Hideout, Bob's Place. Just to name a few of the Chicago area Clubs I've Rocked. The list is much to long to mention them all those are just some of the Chicago clubs I've Rocked. Niw In Air Personality & CEO of T.U.R.N Radio with DJs from several cities. Ijs Our new website. [https://darrylcoleman1960.wixsite.com/turnradio] hi. T.U.R.N Radio join us on The Air. [https://live365.com/station/a15268]

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