Let's Talk Current Event. (The Old School Throwback Party Tour) coming to Dallas Texas May 2022

T.U.R.N Radio Crew this is planned as a annual event. If it works out as planned the 1st year 3 T.U.R.N Radio DJs will get to perform with our mainstream artist involved Live. the next year will be the same with different DJs. The DJs will be picked based on how our listeners rate them. So your #s with our followers not me personally will determine between now & Feb 2022 after that point i will chose who's picked the 1st year. The DJs must be willing to travel to be apart of the tours. Now Artist promoted on T.U.R.N Radio will also be considered to either be apart of the tour or as a opening act. Not all the artist will get picked. The Top rated artist #s wise i will refer to my partners Charles Hardy of Sonny Bivins Manhattans & Terry Reece of REECE ENTERPRISES my partners in the Tour. So somethings are about to go down & some of you will get a chance to participate. The Website will keep you informed all the info will be posted here

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