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Gm everyone hope if you caught my 1st shows back Live last night for the Lovers on Lovers Eve I went a little more old school than usually as I get back in my groove. Tonight I'm doing a New Artist Showcase promoting artist with new music on rotation you should keep your ears on for. So to I will highlight music for artist such as Fel Davis, Public Announcement, Cornelius M.D, Wendell B, Tamara Bubble, Marzette Griffith, T.L Williams, Jason Peterson DeLaire, Russell Tompkins Jr, The Sonny Bivins Manhattans, Sisters of Element, Cee Boo, Royale Wilson, Linda Jean Linda Jeanne Najar, Todd Patterson, just to name a few 8 pm cst here these are just a few of the artist with new releases I'll be playing on my shows tonight

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