Looking for 2 female DJs

Battle of lol da DJs. My sister Keyuni Jackson the radio station President & i are talking taking T.U.R.N Radio Live 24/7 with Live shows 24/7. Ok we have 6 slots left to fill to be 24/7 Live. By Nov 1st I will fill those slots. But here's the problem. She wants 2 female DJs. I tell her that's like lol finding a needle in a haystack. Not that they don't exist. But with so many Radio station there way to few & not enough to go around. Now we currently have 3 make DJs doing auditions which mean that leave 3 slots & she wants 2 females good luck by Nov 1st. I won't put a woman on just because she's female she has to be good then we can offer her our Worldwide exposure to build her brand globally. So if any female DJs out here think they can join our crew contact Keyuni or hit us up here turnradio.net by email or using our chatroom before Nov 1st. Come make yourself a worldwide name. If we don't get 2 females I'll fill out the roster with the guts waiting. It doesn't matter what city your from.

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