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Please share with all well known Chicago DJs & Personalities. Before we launch The Us Network which will air our shows Worldwide on tv from several cities & present great concerts as well as the T.U.R.N Radio Crew of DJs performing Live on the tour & on tv. But before we launch the network i want to do a special project for tv to be aired worldwide about the history of top Chicago DJs & Radio Personalities. I will doing a documentary of the history of Chicago's Best from back in the day until now. So if your a DJ or Personality of any Chicago radio stations & would like to be apart of Chicago's Legacy of DJs presented by The Us Network to be a worldwide tv info documentary contact me by email here If you want to be considered doesn't matter what stations your from this is about Chicago's history of music & broadcasting. For more details hit me in our website chatroom or email me from the website turnradio.net if you would like to be considered for this documentary

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