Me as a Superhero

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I'm gonna be a Superhero. I know y'all thought I was kidding but no. Terry Reece of REECE ENTERPRISES had a animation company. He's working on a Cartoon series that Charles Hardy of Sonny Bivins Manhattans &

Myself Darryl Master D Coleman are set with other entertainers & ex athletes to be cartoon characters in his upcoming animated series. Yes that's me they took my character from a Throwback picture of me as The Illusion House DJ. Live Weds Thru Sundays 8:30 Am to 1 Am Ct. . Who wants this Smoke? T.U.R.N Radio Worldwide Free Live On The Air. T.U.R.N Radio the little station with the Big Sound. we're lit & burning it up lmbo. it's Your T.U.R.N around the World now playing Worldwide 24/7 free

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