My proudest & most satisfying memory

People always ask me. with you being so successful in your career & accomplishments. Is there any 1 thing you've done that's a special memory? There are many many but of course thing a memory i will take to my grave as my most special memory. I have trained' helped & assisted my djs learn & join many radio stations across the US. But this 1 memory i am so proud of. I have trained & taught friends, family & more. But the day my 66 year old mom approached me & said Darryl i think i want to try DJ ing i think i can do it. At 1st i'm like yeah right mom i just knew she was kidding but you don't know Jennette like we know Jennette. She was very serious so i took this as a personal challenge to train her, my sister , 2 nephews & put them all on T.U.R.N Radio. But the rest is history my mom was doing such a great job the listeners loved her. So got so good at it we couldn't stop her lol. It took her getting sick with cancer to stop her & to her last days all she talked about was how she missed doing this & all her listeners she treated personally like they we're her family. So making this happen for my loved 1s is a memory i'll always keep close to my heart. So my most proud accomplishment has to be taking care of my dad until his last day. & the most prideful thing had to be helping my mom before her death make her final dream come true. Nothing i've ever done am i so proud of

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