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To artist wanting to be considered for airplay by T.U.R.N Radio a few things I want to give clarity on. 1st a lot of artist are getting it seems upset because they can't get either their music to T.U.R.N Radio or reach us. So by thrown your music & videos on our pages not only will your music not be seen or heard doing this you'll at that point not even be considered by us. As a courtesy we only allow the artist we've agreed to promote to promote & post here. I am currently working on A New Streaming Network, A upcoming Concert tour, finding venues for the concerts, sponsors for the concerts. Running the radio station, Artist intervews, New Artist airplay, New DJs & our Current crew programming, The stations programming, bringing in advertisers, our New Partnership for our concert tour coming, doing my own radio shows Live Weds-Sundays multiple shows daily & more. So when you say go to YouTube, Soundclound, Spotify, Instagram, whatsapp or any thing like that to check you music out ,& i say I never have free time to search for artist i really literally have no free time. & because I'm a workaholic & hands on typw of person I don't train anyone to work with me because I like to personally see things are done right. Again artist & businesses trying to either interact with us or do business with us go here only not fb if yiu want or expect a response or to be seriously considered by this station. Leave a email here or use our chatroom to directly reach the station. Same thing for upcoming promotions & cash contest & concert tickets giveaways you can only win by responding thru our website not any other sites

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