Fb is only a info page now for T.U.R.N. So if your nor able to reach us or getting responses back thru fb. It's because for business we no longer operate thru or using fb. This page now is only to lead you to our website here to our new home of operations just click on this picture to get where we really are & repondvback to you..on fb we no longer respond. We just send reminders where you can now only directly interact with us. & even if you inbox me of we're not fb friends I can't receive those messages anymore. Now to directly interact with us you have to either go here or Skype those are the only places the station can directly be reached now. Also online we don't use YouTube, Spotify, Soundclound, whatsapp, Instagram & can't get most links. So again if you really want to reach us or get a response fb isn't where you want to teach out to us. This way when your trying to post on our pages unless your a artist or company we have agreed to promote those post by administrators are immediately removed. We only allow those we've agreed to promote advertise thru the station. But FYI to do business of any kind with T.U.R.N Radio you must niw

be on our website or Skype not fb anymore or

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