Seeing on fb you can't inbox me any pictures, videos or music. Click this picture for more info.

Fb does not allow anyone I'm not friends. With to inbox me. So if your trying to send anything like that thru my inbox & your getting upset because your not getting responses. The problem is you think what your trying to send me I'm getting when they are coming to me saying your attachments are unavailable thru my inbox this is a fb issue I have no control over. Even if your a fb friend if you try sending any of the above i can't open or view anything like these using fb. Fb now is only a info page to lead you here on this website you can post, long as its not advertising. You can leave comments, contact other members directly, or email us directly for all our crew members who have signed in as member you can now directly reach & book us as long as we're signed in members. Also only signed in members can directly interact with T.U.R.N Radio's Crew. Once on our sight read our blogs by hitting more for a drop down box to open. So artist & businesses interested in talking with T.U.R.N Radio fb isn't where you want to be other than to find us here your wasting time & more than likely we won't know what you want

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