Speaking of the Upcoming (Old School Throwback Tour Concert) Series

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

For any Mainstream old school Entertainers or artist current artist in T.U.R.N Radio's rotations who's music is doing well. We have started doing visual conference calls now. So if your interested in getting more info real time as we're picking up steam shaping the tour or your interested in being involved or invited to be considered to perform. If you have a Skype account Nov 30th 7 pm Cst we will have another conference call to inform & answer any questions you have about what we're doing with my partners sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy, REECE ENTERPRISE's Terry Reece & Myself Master D. You (must) be on Skype to be able to join us. You must be a mainstream artist. With that said upcoming artist in T.U.R.N Radio rotations who's music is doing really well will also be consider to be invited to be an opening act for the tours. this is only for artist T.U.R.N Radio is promoting as far as upcoming artist that aren't considered mainstream. But there's is a possibility of inclusion for other artist being promoted by the station. So to not waste anyone's time if your not mainstream or in our rotations you can not be considered to perform with our tour. So if this isn't you you won't waste time inquiring how can i get consider you can't. Only artist we're promoting can & will be considered for this tour. If you are 1 of these artist. Go to Skype send Master D a friend request & if you represent a group let me know which group your from so i can send you that day a invite to the conference call you will also need a webcam it's more like a zoom conference call. Also more info will be on the station in rotation randomly you can hear us discussing our tour there also here turnradio.net this is planned as a yearly event with part of our proceeds planned to be donated to charities in different cities.

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