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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

(The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour) for the artist we have spoken to & artist we promote on T.U.R.N Radio you can now join us thru Skype when we have our monthly conversations with artist that might have a chance to perform with us on tour. Certain Artist if you have a Skype account can join our Skype meetings once a month to talk about & get info about where we are & how we're setting things up. Including updates & more old school artist might also be included in a upcoming cartoon series about the history of music & more as a Villain or lol superhero in the series. We have a lot going on now & another Major announcement that's huge coming soon. So if your a artist being promoted on T.U.R.N Radio or connected with Charles hardy of Sonny Bivins Manhattans you might want to get a Skype account which is free & friend request Master D with this picture as it's profile logo below to get connected & informed what's really going on. This post is only for artist either connected with Charles Hardy or promoted on T.U.R.N Radio (Only) Artist not promoted on T.U.R.N Radio will not be accepted to our Skype meeting also Same for DJs for this Tour only The T.U.R.N Radio DJs will be chosen to go on this tour & perform with the entertainers so TurnUp Crew Members make sure so you also know what we're doing your on Skype also so you can also once monthly join the Skype meetings as we move forward. The DJs chosen for the Tour will be picked by how well your doing with our listeners in fairness to everyone we're not picking favorites we're picking who our listeners ratings wise by the #s dictate who will be picked & the tour if all goes right is planned as a yearly event. Thanks everyone

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