This is our Anniversary month the start of year 15 of worldwide broadcasting 24/7 free. With that said i want to give clarity to a few subjects. 1st advertisements. Yes we promote businesses especially small 1s we try supporting as many as possible. & knowing the pandemic has cost so many small businesses to close a lot for good & with the virus cause possibly many more to soon be in deep trouble again. We have a 1 time introductory off of 1 full year of advertisement with us for less than $2,000 for 1 full year of promoting your products & services. Artist promotion & airplay. If we think a artist music is something we can promote because we're not non profit yes there is a small fee for artist we decide to pick up for about $2.60 if we only play your music once. We play all artist daily with a 90 day agreement to promote them. We provide worldwide exposure for your music. Because we charge & make much more doing commercials for companies we try to charge as close to nothing as possible but because every time we play a artist song we lose thousands of $ per play because we make more doing commercials in 1 month than we charge artist for 3 months the fee is to cover just some of our loss income while promoting those artist. Artist always want airplay free that's not possible here. But also ask yourselves if you got the hottest song out buy your getting no exposure & not being heard what good is that. Also each song plays about 3 to 5 mins in that same time for business commercials we could have run 3-6 commercials making way more income for the station. If your not willing to pay roughly $2,60 for worldwide exposure maybe your not that serious about your careers. Because our priority is our ratings & listeners enjoyment even most artist that offer the fee we have to turn down because we don't think the music will do well with our followers we only pick up artist we really believe has a chance to do very well for the 90 trial period. Skype is the only place we accept artist music submissions. Our listeners are who decides who stays in our rotation or which artist i suggest to my partners for our upcoming concert tours. Only artist that make our rotations will be consider to perform for the upcoming tour which you can read the post on my page about. Thanks everyone for 15 years of your support. artist & businesses contact us directly thru our website & join us here turnradiolive365

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