Thanks here's our New upcoming logos, banner & T Shirts

Thanks to our listeners and supporters. When we 1st started with posting ideas for new logos, banners and t shirts.. My lil bro Jerry Haltom was nice enough to come up with like 10 original drawings all great. But originally we were going to have the #1 choice as our new banners & logos. While the 2nd & 3rd choices we're to ve T Shirts. But he did such a great job coming up with sketches that we had to add a 4th. The others won't be discarded they will be considered for future T Shirts. But for now here's our New banner # 1. 2- 4 will become T Shirts once finished & color is added. So thanks to our followers for your support & help deciding what will go here next. This is also when their ready where you can order yours worldwide

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