(The Old School Throwback Block Party Concert Tour)

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

All Mainstream Entertainers who either know Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy or are in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio that are interested in more details of what the Tour is about. Your chance to get more details about what we're doing where, when & your chance to find out more will be Nov 30th 7pm. Things are really picking up steam now in the formation of the Tour. If you are the Entertainers that meet these requirements if you have a Skype account you can that day join us in a visual conference call. This meeting will be to inform all interested in being involved in the Tour which is planned to be a series of concerts to possibly run for a few years in many cities & states. During this conference call Charles Hardy Manhattans), Terry Reece (REECE ENTERPRISE) & Darryl Master D Coleman (T.U.R.N Radio) will conduct a Q & A to answer all your questions. Also upcoming Artist chosen in T.U.R.N Radio's rotation will be also invited some who's music is doing well not all but there are some we might invite as opening acts on certain shows. But only artist in our rotation because that way i can report to my partners this artist is Hot here & should be considered to join us. The Conference calls will be only for entertainers who meet either of these requirements no exceptions. We now have several cities inquiring with us to come to them for shows. Also you must have a webcam because it's set up as a visual meeting. Ask Darryl Master D Coleman what else you would need to do to join. Comedians are also welcome because some may get selected to Co Host the Tour as well. T.U.R.N Radio Crew members we will also soon start our own conference calls soon so i can explain our involvement who will be selected to go on tour also & how i will be determining which Crew Members get selected & which shows you will be assigned to perform. To talk more detailed the crew will start having monthly conference call on Skype dates TBA to give T.U.R.N Radio staff clarity what we're doing as a team. more interviews & info about the Tour will also randomly be heard here turnradio.net to giv

e you a better idea of the progress

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