The reason your not getting responses back from T.U.R.N Radio. Click here for more details

Due to fb has gotten so messy. T.U.R.N Radio has moved all our daily operations to our website here only. No longer can you post your events, music, businesses, get radio interviews, airplay or anything like this using fb. So no posting anything like this because the administrators will immediately remove them. Also don't send any of this in my inbox because i don't have messenger. Which means when you inbox anything with pictures, music or video's attached to them when you think i am getting what your sending i am not. Fb doesn't allow thru my inbox me to view or hear any thing like that. So the only to reach T.U.R.N Radio & get a response is not thru fb it's only here thru our website. When you really want to broaden your musical horizons & experience the best mixture of music anywhere worldwide join T.U.R.N Radio Live 9 am to 2 am Cst Weds -Sundays. with Rebroadcast Mondays & Tuesdays or & please read my comments below & share this info

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