The Tour is coming & we're adding many more artist & groups

I just finished upgrading our website. Coming soon since we are preparing for our Concert Tour ( The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour). Presented by Sonny Bivins Manhattans Charles Hardy, REECE ENTERPRISE's Terry Reece & T.U.R.N Radio's Darryl Master D Coleman. As we add artist that will be performing i am about to add a new feature to the website. A video app will soon be added so not only will you be able to get info about the tour the artist involved we soon will be able to add their Music Video's & Performances of Live shows to the website. So Far from what i am told here are some of the artist that we have informed or spoke with about joining the tour. Sonny Bivins Manhattans, The Bluenotes, The Legendary Ladies of Skyy, Cheryl Cooley & Klymaxx, The Stylistics Revue with Van Fields, Marzette Griffith, Cornelius MD, Alex Moore just to mention a few we are interested in talking with there are many more others this is just an example of the type of shows we're talking about entertainment wise. The official Kick off of the tour is scheduled for May 2022 in Dall Texas 1st. Also artist in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio that are doing well with us will also be giving consideration to either open or outright perform. Not every artist on T.U.R.N Radio will be chosen but the 1s doing really well i will refer to my partners for consideration to be possibly added. We currently are getting a lot of interest from several cities & states about bringing the tour to their areas. So if your a promoter, College campus or Venue doesn't matter locations we can talk about bringing the tour to your areas. Also There's another Major announcement pertaining to this tour coming soon until it's official i can't say yet what it is but this will be huge for this tour keep your ears on us i will also be in talks with a Comedians about Co Hosting the tour

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