The weekends are about to Change on T.U.R.N Radio March 4th. Click this picture for more info

It's another year so we are getting ready for our Concert tour (The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour). I will have to pick 3 of our Crew DJs to go perform on this tour with the Mainstream artist. So in may i have to decide which DJs will be asked to join the tour. With that said i announced because our supporters are so good to us i will let our listeners vote by email from this site for the 3 DJs other than me you would like to hear performing at the concerts. This series of concerts will Feature Sonny Bivins Manhattans & many many old school artist & some of our upcoming talent in rotation on T.U.R.N Radio will also be considered to open or out right perform depending on how their music is doing in rotation with our listeners. So if you want to vote you can see the crew in our blogs, fb & other sites we have but vote only by email here on this website. Now for this reason alone we are changing the music's format Fridays & Sat's. So you can get a better idea of who's really Hot here on Friday's we do Stepping Mixes non stop almost all day & night & party mixes the same way Sat's. Starting every weekend Friday's & Sat's we go all in mix wise Stepping & Party mixes every other hr except noon & 4 pm that will still be Smooth Jazz hrs. but every time you tune in if a Party Mix is on the next dj will do a Steppers Mix. So now we're about to go all in & turn it Up & Out weekends. Get ready for our Rocking Weekends here only

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