To proud to beg

Maybe it's just me. People keep telling me about this program & that program that are giving away money for those in need & i appreciate it. But i will have to pass on all those programs so please stop sending me messages asking or telling me how to get mines if you have gotten free money god bless you. But i was raised god bless the child who has his own i live by that. so i pride myself on being able to get my own on my own no hand outs. I like making everything i have & have accomplished with no help from anyone or source. I thank great pride in knowing i am totally self made never asked for or accepted anything or help from anyone. Everything in my life i have gotten or accomplished came from hard work on my part that i take great pride in. so please stop sending me messages informing me like you how to get mines because i already do a great job of getting it thru something called hard work. Knowing everything i have or have received i have from putting that effort in makes it all worth it to me. So people keep doing what you must i am doing the same i just work from mines. Even T.U.R.N Radio i have never taken loans out or asked for assistance i have built it & more out of pocket using my own funds it's a great feeling. I love being a self made man not dependent on anyone for anything

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