Tour Auditions

Yes it's our 16th Anniversary but we're not alone. Happy 58th Anniversary to Sonny Bivins Manhattans our partners in the upcoming (Old School Throwback Tour which is planned be a series of concerts going to different cites. Yearly. Now I know you've heard mention this Your. So pay attention Chicago. See this lineup of old School Artist as an example. How many local Chicago srtist would like a chance to open or perform on tour with many groups like this. What if I said I can possibly make that happen for you. 1st of all all concerts we present are to raise funds for & help charities and causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Homelessness, Public Schools in need & more. In each city we preform. Now this is the real deal. Next summer T.U.R.N Radio will set up 2 events the 1 in Aug will be The 17th & 59th Anniversaries of T.U.R.N Radio & Sonny Bivins Manhattans. Which we're in talks about bringing Live to Chicago to Celebrate & perform Live with other Old Artist & our own TurnUp Crew providing music. So with that said we want to make this a open like audition for local artist to perform @ 1 of the 2 Summer Cookout Parties. If you do really well you just might when the shows hit Chicago get that chance to open or perform with mainstream performers like these & many many others we're talking to in your cities also as we plan shows in different cities. Also Vendors for the Summer of 2023 get ready we can start talking Jan 202. So Next Summer T.U.R.N Radio's yearly Music Festival will kick off. & hear just 1 of possibly many many more lineups to come. We're considering Peaches and Herb along with these artist for a fund raiser for Celebrating Life Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation Dallas Texas another partner Sylvia Dunnavant Hines is the head of this foundation. This is the lineup we're discussing possibly for her foundation fund raiser there. Look in our blogs here to get more info. Also Venue owners & promoters & college campus interested in possibly bringing performances like this to your cities or venue we can talk but but there has to be a cause in you city in need more info read our blogs here or call 773-818-3966. So yes the plan us for Sonny Bivins Manhattans & more to join The TurnUp Crew in Chicago next Aug to perform together & this we plan as a annual yearly event. Also artist in T.U.R.N Radio's rotations who's music is doing well will also be considered for this tour

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