Trivia questions for cash coming to T.U.R.N Radio

A reminder now that all T.U.R.N Radio daily Live Operating will cease on fb. Our pages will serve now as a guide & to give updated & current events both on T.U.R.N Radio & the site. Example the Trivia questions for cash start in May. (Only) by being a website signed in member & having a Zelle account can you win. Not cashapp. PayPal it must be Zelle to receive funds as a winner on T.U.R.N Radio. But on fb you can't be entered to win on our pages but the info where to go & to get involved in whatever the promotions are st that time for listeners @ that could be tickets to a local sporting event. Concert tickets give away things like this. Everything will be posted her on fb as your guide how to get involved. We've not only had for 14 years & counting to me the best listeners you could ask for support wise. We have no intention of losing not 1 of you changing our operations location. Notblwaving anyone who wants is behind. We so appreciate each & everyone that has allowed us to be a small part of your world.. please share & follow us there. I promise the way T.U.R.N is about to take a huge step up. For our listeners and Supporters deserve our best.we expect those expectation & we will. So everyone please feel free to mshe the switch from fb to.our website which will be totally done in 2 weeks but is up.& running actively right now. & again to Fan Club President Irene Johnson thanks so much for everything helping us get here & more we so appreciate you

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