We're extending our Live hrs

We recently expanded our Live days from Weds-Sundays to Mondays-Sundays. Our hrs from 9 am to 2 am have also changed to 9 am to 5 am cst. Now my question is who's ready for T.U.R.N Radio to not only broadcast free Worldwide But actually go Live 24/7 meaning Live Djs anytime you tune in here turnradio.net because in October no later than Nov 1st. T.U.R.N Radio will be doing Live shows 24/7 free Worldwide. Remember our new Live schedules are now Mondays-Sundays 9 am to 5 am cst. Which means very soon the artist we promote will get way more exposure here because soon all the DJs will have all our artist music to play on their shows as we move closer to broadcasting Live 24/7 soon. So if your a artist in our rotations your about to most likely get w

ay more airplay soon as we are ready

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