We will let our listeners decide. 3 of these DJs will be invited to go on Tour to perform

Because we been broadcasting Worldwide 24/7 now 15 years. & were now apart of The Coming Us Network which will present (The Old School Throwback Block Party Tour) concert series of shows coming in 2022. I am in charge of what DJs, Host, Mcs perform & get picked for the tour. So I gave decided to let our supporters between Jan & April 30th vote for the DJs you think are our hottest & should go the 1st year. The tour is planned as a annual yearlybevenr once we get started & the pandemic gives us a break. So please use this blog to lead you to our website so you can email me from there who you think our of these 6 candidates who you would like to rock our concerts which the performers. Between DJs Keyuni, Roy DjFrost Hardy, Cedric Lee aka Ced Da DJ, Damian DjJeff, Donald Brumfield aka DJ Smooth Jazz. This us our way of saying thanks & so the DJs know no sort of favoritism will take place everyone will be given a fair & the same chance here. So if your a true T.U.R.N Radio supporter help me decide who should be picked fir year 1 of our tour

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