Welcome to T.U.R.N Radio Chicago.

Welcome to our New Home for T.U.R.N Radio Chicago. Please read all announcements for more info about us. Here you can post your Names, Birth Dates & Pictures so the The TurnUp Crew members can wish you a Happy Birthday here & Darryl Master D Coleman will give you a Birthday Shoutout on the air on T.U.R.N Radio on my evening shows & please introduce yourselves to the group. Please read all announcements for much more info & details about us. Please read all announcements to find out much more about us. Hello from T.U.R.N Radio Worldwide 24/7 free from Chicago. Local & Global Advertisement & Promotions 24/7 Now at very reasonable rates. The Best Music, Radio Interviews, Personalities & more. Weds-Sunday 8:30 am ct until 1am Ct Live. https://live365.com/station/a15268 or <iframe src="https://broadcaster.live365.com/v1/now-playing/large/a15268" width='440px' height='240px' frameborder="0"/> or Google turnradiolive365 . Our website https://darrylcoleman1960.wixsite.com/turnradio or call or text the station 773-818-3966.

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